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What Will a DUI Cost You?: Part 2


“I am only traveling a short distance, I use the back roads, I’ll be extra careful…it will be fine” Alcohol effects judgment…so your brain is not reliable…you can’t depend on it to make good decisions. Did you know your driving skills begin to deteriorate at a BAC of .05 and by the time you reach a BAC of .08 you perceive you are functioning better than you actually are?

A DUI is not just a financial loss but loss of your freedom. Jail time and restricted driving is just the start. Scheduled court times, mandatory substance abuse classes & community service also take your freedom away. You can also lose your privilege to travel to foreign countries…You will be denied entrance into Canada.

A DUI will continue to follow you… Employers and landlords can see a DUI on background checks. Directors of volunteer work can see a DUI on background checks for volunteer work. Credit scores will show your DUI resulting in higher interest rates. Plus the dreaded question “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” you will have to mark the box.

Living with the humiliation of the handcuffs, shame you feel when you face family and friends, guilt of lives that are effected (over 400 individuals in Montana are effected each year) and finally the regret that you feel because you got behind the wheel after you had that drink thinking it “wasn’t a big deal”.

Plan ahead…If you: Plan to Drink…Plan to Ride! If you don’t have a sober driver to get you home Sidney Shuttle and Richland County Transportation will get you home safely… Sidney Shuttle has great rates for those who use the service to get to the bar and home again. Bonus, you don’t have to look for a parking spot or get into a cold car when you are ready to go home...just place the call. Don’t have the number? Ask your bartender. They want you to get home safe too. Asking for a safe ride is a lot easier than hassling your family and friends for a ride when you lose your license. Our community cares. We don’t want impaired drivers on our roadways.

Our community cares. We make RADD calls: “Report a Drunk Driver.” Law Enforcement & Richland County Task Force encourages the community to help prevent DUI crashes and injuries & deaths related to them. DIAL 911 ~ Report the vehicle description, license plate number, location, direction of travel and any other information the dispatcher may request in order to dispatch law enforcement. You don’t need to give your name to report a drunk driver.

Reducing crashes, injuries and deaths related to DUIs will take effort from our entire community. For more information go to: If you want to help make a difference in your community, consider becoming a member of the Injury Prevention Team/DUI Task Force. Call Mary, Injury Prevention Specialist/DUI Task Force Coordinator at the Richland County Health Department 433-2207.


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