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Find Out Why You are Needed at the State of the Community, County Evening Conference March 13th


We have all heard the saying “If you write it down it will happen”; there have been books written on the subject. Well, the State of the Community, County Evening Conference is just that. It is a way of writing our ideas and plans down and creating action groups so that things happen. The idea behind the conference is to utilize a community building process in developing a County-wide Quality of Life strategic plan for Richland County. This plan is based on information and data gathered from the community. Action Groups are created based on the issues identified in the planning process. To assure that the plan is turned into action, the action groups include agencies, organization and individuals who are interested in working in a particular area. Action plans are written and carried out. The conference, like the one being held on March 13th, is a time to let the public know what has been accomplished and engage more people in the action groups. This is not an exclusive process and everyone is welcome.

We can accomplish much more as a group then any one person, agency, or organization can accomplish alone and when you write it down there is no stopping Richland County! We are in control of our destiny and we only need to take charge of it. For more information about the conference, the strategic plan and the various action groups please visit Look under the header Residents and then pick County Strategic Plan from the drop downs.

Please join the team on March 13th from 5:30 -8 pm at St. Matthew’s Multi-purpose Room in the Parish Center @ 310 7th ST SE in Sidney. Doors open at 5pm and the event is free to attend –we just need an RSVP for the pasta buffet being offered before March 6th. Please call Julie or Greta at 433-2207 to register or for more information!!

Article is written & contributed by the members of the Steering Committee


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