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A Time To Remember Held In Fairview


Sunday, April 12th, the Fairview for our Youth committee and the Richland County Partnership for Promise held a "Daddy-Daughter" Dance for area school aged girls and their male mentors. It was held at the Fairview High School Gym, where Prom had been held the night before. Using the prom decorations for the background, music, dancing, karaoke and a photo booth provided activities and entertainment. Professional photographs were also available before the dance and each girl was given a carnation. Approximately 50 girls were in attendance. We would like to send a huge THANK YOU to Sara Goerke, Luke Kloker, Randy Miller, Brandy Tjelde and to all of the "Dads" that allowed us to make this possible! Also, thank you to Brady Buxbaum and William Smies for helping us DJ!

The Fairview for our Youth committee was formed last summer after realizing a need for more youth activities during the Fairview Old Timer's Festival. The committee started, with the assistance and guidance of the Richland County Partnership for Promise and the hospitality of the Fairview Ministerial Alliance, with free monthly movies being held on the last Friday of each month. The group has started to receive donations and many people have shown interest in supporting and participating in this group. More activities will be planned throughout the year, such as a Mother Son Time to Remember in the fall. These activities give special moments to youth and their adult mentors, which show youth that there are caring adults in their lives and encourages time to be spent making memories and learning how to talk to and trust each other. This kind of relationship will help youth make better lifestyle choices in the future and to achieve success in their adult life. The Partnership for Promise follows the guidelines from America's Promise, a national program which believes there are five promises a community must provide to children and youth to encourage healthy choices in life to succeed. These are: 1) To provide caring adults to be part of their environment. 2) To give them a healthy start in their lives by having activities to promote healthy lifestyle choices. 3) To provide them a safe environment to grow in. 4) To give them an effective education to be productive in their community. 5) To give them an opportunity to give back to others in their community.

America's Promise teaches that if four of these five promises are met, children and youth have a better chance in being successful and productive adults. The Richland County Partnership for Promise is an action group that is made up of many different organizations in the community that focuses on providing these promises to children and youth of Richland County. If you are interested in being a part of this group, the Fairview for our Youth committee, or would like to see this started in your community, please contact Missy Smies, 433-4097 or [email protected]. You can find us on FB-Richland County Partnership for Promise!


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