Roosevelt Medical Center to Practice Armed Intruder Drill


In healthcare, you can never be too prepared. As part of Roosevelt Medical Center’s disaster preparedness program, a small, fully-functional drill is planned for early October, which will simulate an armed intruder has entered the building. Of course, an actual weapon won’t be used and participants will be wearing bright orange posters that signal they are participating in the drill. Staff will also be stationed at the main entrance locations, letting patients and guests know the drill is taking place. “The goal of this is not to scare people. It is to really get staff thinking and more familiar with their surroundings. It’s also an opportunity for them to receive some really concrete tips on how to preserve life during these extreme circumstances,” said Kyla Traeger, Trauma and Disaster Preparedness Coordinator.

Leading up to the drill, RMC created an armed intruder policy, based on best practices and has spent several months educating staff on safety issues and procedures. A handful of local law enforcement officers will be involved in the drill, helping to apprehend the pretend intruder and also moving throughout the facility to give staff members the “all-clear” signal. A briefing will take place following the drill to discuss what went well and areas for improvement.

The date of the event is not going to be announced to staff, other than that it will happen during the week of Oct. 4 – 10. The drill will not include every area of the hospital and will be as quiet as possible, in an effort to not disturb the 22 residents who call RMC home, or the flow of patient care.


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