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Haidle Farms Takes 20/20 To A Whole New Level


This year Haidle Farms, owned by Ryan Haidle, received the 20/20 award for Top 10 Beet Growers. The 20/20 reward is given to beet farmers that produce 20 Tons Per Acre(TPA) of beets with a 20+% sugar outage. Haidle Farms managed to produce 31.28 TPA with 20.08% sugar yield on 489 acres. “We were very lucky with nutrient soil and great weather this year,” said Ryan, when asked how he achieved this year’s harvest.

Haidle Farms is a family run operation which Ryan Haidle manages with his brother and his dad. The farm not only grows beets, but also potatoes, alfalfa seed and more.

Ryan Haidle grew up on a farm where he began his interest in farming. After high school, Haidle went to school in Bozeman, MT, got his agronomy degree, and also met his wife Kaitlin; only to return back home to the farm and get to business.


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