Read The Most From Coast To Coast


1st Grade: (back row)  Ellie Aisenbrey, Gradin Sukut, Logan Churchill, Ethan King, Danica Denowh, Austin Fahrenwald, Grayson Morrill, Brody Keysor, Samantha Robles, Joshua Pollari, (front row)  Isabelle Doty, Zayda Wesley, Cy Kearl, Carson Propp, Dezray Wiseman, Mariyah Bauer, Zoey Schmierer.

Students and teachers took a "Reading Road Trip" at West Side Elementary for "I Love to Read" month during February. Our theme this year was "Read the Most from Coast to Coast". As we learned about nine famous landmarks along the way, we tracked students' reading progress by the number of AR points they earned this month.

Students won prizes through weekly drawings by submitting tickets for each AR point earned. The tickets were collected for special door prizes at the end of the month.

2nd Grade: (back row)  Shane Goergen, Eli Arthur, Brooklynn Sutherland, Axyl Braun, Coryn Saulsby, Evelyn Gonzalez, Morgan Kindopp, Nicholas Jorstad, Lilia Troxel, (front row)  Jarret Averett, Brady Collins, Kael Harms, Carter Heggem, Stetson Armes, Marie Emly, Oliver Slade.

Wednesday, February 24th, we celebrated the end of our journey with a special picnic lunch. Students were encouraged to dress as wacky tourists that day with sunglasses, hats, and other "touristy" clothing they might have at home.

At the award ceremony, students in each class were awarded prizes for being the Highest Point Earner, Second Highest Point Earner and Most Improved Reader. The top point earner in the school was 2nd grader Oliver Slade, with 95.2 points! His prize was a Coleman Digital Camera and a SanDisk 8 GB card to store his pictures on.

Students enjoyed winning many door prizes during the ceremony. Our thanks go to White Drug and ElectricLand for helping out with the prizes.

Note: The school's goal for points this year was to reach 2400 reading points. In previous years, they have only been able to reach around 1800. This year, 1st grade reached 900.6 points, 2nd grade reached 836.5 points, and 3rd reached 663 points; for a total of 2402 reading points!


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