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Symphony in the Park

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For the first time, the Billings Symphony Orchestra performed in Sidney at the Anderson Pavilion in Veteran’s Memorial Park. On Friday, July 8 it’s estimated that between 500 and 700 people were in attendance for the free concert and approximately 30 to 40 hotel rooms were rented to over-night guests.

Performing Symphony in the Park, which has drawn crowds to Billings, MT for 44 years, the concert was an expansion of the Sunrise Festival of the Arts. The symphony got kids involved by inviting high school band students to play a side-by-side rehearsal earlier in the day, and brought the Instrument Petting Zoo, which gave kids a chance to play a variety of real instruments. They also held a Kids Conducting Contest during the concert and had high school band students open for them.

Symphony in the Park was sponsored in part by the Tourism Business Improvement District; TBID supports events that help to further develop the community as a visitor center by partially sponsoring projects that will bring over-night guests. Projects can be an addition to existing events, such as Symphony in the Park being an addition to the Sunrise Arts Festival. They can also be completely new and original events that are being organized. It is estimated that every overnight guest generates about $150 for the community and TBID could help make that great event idea into a reality. To apply for TBID funding, visit, click on the TBID tab, and select Grant Application.


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