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The Recently Formed Fairview Community Foundation Looks to Enhance Fairview & the Surrounding Area


Pictured is the Town of Fairview logo that will be embroidered on the jackets that the Fairview Community Foundation will be taking orders for during Silver Bells, Nov. 12th.

The Fairview Community Foundation was formed on Oct. 1st of this year, with their slogan being: 'Two states making one community strong.'

The Fairview Community Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on enhancing the quality of life in the Fairview community and surrounding area. The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be:

• To provide funding for the community for the enhancement of the community.

• To sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote the quality and enhancement of life in the Fairview community and surrounding areas.

• To sponsor scholarships for the enhancement of our youth.

It started with wanting to put on a hoopfest, and grew from there on what could be done to enhance the community with the money raised. The Sugar Valley Hoopfest is being planned in conjunction with the Old Timers Festival, which happens the third Saturday in July, and it was concluded that the three-on-three basketball tournament would be the primary fundraiser for the Fairview Community Foundation. The Sugar Valley Hoopfest will take place the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday prior to the Old Timers Festival, and will be open for grades 6 – 12, and adult men and women. Applications will be available in January.

The Fairview Community Foundation is jumping right into community involvement, and will have a table at the Silver Bells craft sale and vendor show Nov. 12th at the Fairview High School. They will be selling almonds, pecans, and there will be a silent auction on a Christmas tree that has been sponsored and decorated by Fairview businesses. Additionally, the Fairview Community Foundation will be taking orders for jackets with the recently approved town of Fairview logo embroidered on them, available for $60.

The Fairview Community Foundation currently has six board members including President Laurie Schlothauer, Vice President Katie Hardy, Treasurer Marsha Kittleson, Co-Secretaries Tina Karst and Jodi Wentz, and Michele Seadeek with Development. They are looking to have a minimum of seven board members, with no more than nine. They have been accepted with the state and are in the process of filing paperwork with the federal government to get their non-profit status. Anyone who would like more information, or who would like to volunteer for upcoming events can call 406-747-3539, or 406-489-1094.


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