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Arbor Day In The Parks


Mrs. Simonson's first-grade class with their tree Bronco.

Two first grade classes, Mrs. Simonson and Mrs. Vine and two fifth grade classes Mrs. Shiffer and Mrs. Peters, learned about the largest trees in the world, tree safety, the importance of species diversity, proper planting and site selection.

Fifth graders calculated the value of eight different trees in Veterans Memorial Park and on Central Schools campus by using the tree calculator at and hung tree tags on each of the examined trees. They were able to see how much each tree benefitted our community annually by the pounds of carbon that tree reduced, the gallons of storm water runoff it reduced and the number of kWh in electrical energy savings and the dollar figure that tree increases the property value. This info was calculated by identifying the tree species and measuring the diameter of tree trunk at the height of 4.5 feet (DBH) These figures were quite shocking for a lot of them as it's something most people never think about. Trees have great value!

We planted 11 trees in our parks on Arbor Day and they were each a different species.

It's important to get kids involved as they are the next generation who will be looking after our trees. With the enthusiasm and hard work I saw from these students, I see a bright future for our urban forest. I want to thank the teachers and students who came out to celebrate Arbor Day and take part in Re-Treeing Sidney's parks!


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