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Eagle Special, Whistling Pig And So Much More


For over twenty-five years the Sidney Wrestling Team’s food booth has been a staple at the Richland County Fair. This year, as they have for so many years, their food booth will be located between Pella’s Pantry and the Lonsdale Methodist Church’s food booth. They will be having their usual fair of fried items such as nachos, pizza sticks, and tater tots as well as hot dogs and slow cooked pulled pork. This year’s highlights are the Eagle Special and Whistling Pig. Erin Graves told me “It’s (Whistling Pig) an all beef hot dog wrapped in bacon, deep fried and served on a bun.”

I asked her what she felt about doing the food booth at the fair. She said “This is huge. It’s our biggest fundraiser and a lot of hard work but it’s worth it.” When the Sidney high school and middle school wrestling teams travel to attend tournaments the schools do not always cover all the expenses for the trip. This leaves the parents of the wrestlers to pick up the tab and that can get expensive. No one wants their star contestant to not compete because their parents can’t afford the hotel room. They do many other fundraisers throughout the year such as the Burgers in the Park events and selling of Little Ceasers Pizzas but the fair food booth is their highest grossing fundraiser. All the wrestlers, managers plus a parent will be manning the booth Wednesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until business slows down in the evening.

With their food booth being around for so long, things have changed for the Sidney wrestling team’s food booth. For one thing, when they first started one of the parents ran the Taco John’s in town so when the fair rolled around they sold Taco John’s. They also had a tent but now, dedicated parents and wrestlers have proudly worked hard and turned the Sidney Wrestling Food Booth into what it is now. To find out more about Sidney wrestling visit their Facebook group page, Sidney High School Eagle Wrestling.


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