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Cartwright Florist Brings High-End Floral Design To MonDak Region


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Wild Prairie Floral Designs offers unique, personalized floral arrangements, bringing high-end floral design to the MonDak region. (Photo by Camille Clausen Photography)

What began as a hobby turned unexpectedly into a successful business for Cartwright's Erin Roedeske, owner and floral designer for Wild Prairie Floral Designs.

Roedeske worked for a high-end florist during her time at Oklahoma State University. "She's the one who taught me the ropes, what it takes to be a florist, and how to do big events," Roedeske said. Her mentor was the official florist for the University. "I got to see a lot of different things that I wouldn't have gotten to otherwise."

Upon graduation, Roedeske moved back to Savage, Montana, and began working at a grain elevator. It was there that she realized there was something missing. "I was needing a hobby," she said, and Wild Prairie Floral Design was born.

"I honestly started this business as a hobby. I missed floral design," she said. In her humble beginnings, she worked out of her parents' sunroom in Savage, MT, capitalizing on opportunities as they arose. "When I first started people knew I did flowers, and I'd ask, 'hey, do you need someone to do your wedding flowers?' Now I have people call me from all over. Every year it just continues to grow." Roedeske has worked with clients referred by Williston's Stylish Events, and Gabriel Black with Gabriel & Carin, a Williston lifestyle and wedding photographer. "Williston has a big wedding market, and I've had some unique opportunities," Roedeske said. She is also invited each year to her alma mater in Savage, Montana, to take orders for prom flowers. "It's really great to service your home town," she said.

Roedeske offers free-flowing, natural floral designs, with personalized service, often meeting with clients one-on-one over wine to develop wedding plans. "I like more modern looks that are light and airy. My style has transformed from where I started and it's continuing to grow and change," she explained. According to her website, "Floral design provides a medium for me to turn my ideas and inspirations into a living, breathing, tangible creation. I strive to create floral designs that incorporate the natural beauty found in the world around me. My designs reflect a unique style that is earthy in tone and free in structure. You will find my favorite designs are understated and simple." A glance through the website's portfolio offers a visual of the array of offerings, with no two arrangements the same. A keen eye will find Roedeske's own wedding photos, with the arrangement she designed herself.

She admits that staying on the cutting edge in a rural area is challenging, and strives to offer "something different. I'm trying to bring some uniqueness in floral design. You feel like you aren't in a small town when you allow me to design your arrangements," Roedeske said.

Roedeske primarily focuses on weddings, events and holidays, and takes orders for prom flowers. Clients often send photos from Pinterest for inspiration through Facebook message or text. "There's a lot of things you wouldn't know were out there if you're not in the industry," Roedeske explained. One of Roedeske's prom boutonniere designs even featured a tiny pineapple.

Wild Prairie Floral Designs specializes in free structured, naturally beautiful floral arrangements for weddings and other special events. (Photo by Gabriel & Carin Photography)

Floral design is now Roedeske's full-time profession, though she joins her husband, Jim, on the ranch as well. "It is a nice balance of being able to help him and doing what I love, too," she explained. "He helps me during crunch time. He and his sister did my Valentine's deliveries for me. I do not have employees, but I have a really great group of family members." Roedeske is excited that her younger sister, Rachel Oliver, has recently moved back to the MonDak region. "She is very good at floral design. I used to bring her in to help me with larger events. She has always been a part of the business, and now that she's back she will very much be a partner in Wild Prairie."

Wild Prairie Floral Designs is currently still taking prom orders. She typically books out six months to a year for prime wedding spots, but has some July and August, 2019 weekends available. To view her full portfolio, visit Roedeske can be contacted at 406-478-1593.


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