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Long Time Couple Excited to Attend ROI Prom


Anna Nistler and Chad Richards.

Anna Nistler, in a fancy, long grey dress, and Chad Richards in a tuxedo, will make one of the cutest couples on the dance floor at the "Summer Nights" ROI Prom June 22 in Sidney.

Although they have been a couple for many years, other than a three year split a while ago, Nistler asked Richards to be her prom date. They are both really excited about all the trappings – dressing up, taking their first limo ride, enjoying a fancy dinner, and their first ever prom grand march and dance. "It'll be cool," Nistler said several times. "It will be fun," they both added. They both know how to dance and prefer slow music.

When asked if he had anything he'd like to add, Richards said simply, "I love her" and Anna shyly said, "I love him too."

New Place manager Ashlee Sheehan said everyone, clients and staff, are excited about the first-ever ROI prom. "We want to make it so they have the time of their lives," she said. Donations of dresses, tuxedos, vests and shoes are still needed for this year and a prom closet has been started so that clothing is available for future proms. If this year's prom is a success, plans call for inviting the surrounding communities next year, so the prom closet would be available for those people as well.

Monetary donations are always welcome and will be used for decorations, flowers, and other needs.

ROI is a great place to work and a job that many of its employees find extremely gratifying. If you are looking for a job that is more than just a job, but a chance to serve people and be part of a team that works together to help others enjoy their lives, please call Tami at ROI, 406-3341, ext. 2 to find out more.


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