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Williston Basin Speedway Opening Weekend Results


Last weekend kicked off the opening of the racing season at Williston Basin Speedway. A double header was scheduled for May 7-8. Unfortunately, the May 8 races were canceled due to rainy weather. Pictured above is a three-way battle in the IMCA Stock Car division final between Dalton Flory - 20F (1st), Jake Nelson - 10J (2nd) and Joe Flory - 20 (3rd).

Williston Basin Speedway, May 7 Results; May 8 Rain Out

IMCA Hobby Stock

A Feature 1

1st Place: Andrew Bertsch, Minot, ND, 146

2nd Place: Vance Tomlinson, Max, ND, 3T

3rd Place: Caden Appelt, Minot, ND, 70

4th Place: Riese Dignan, Kenmare, ND, 144

5th Place: John Flory Jr, Williston, ND, 18

6th Place: Scott Joern, Minot, ND, 52

7th Place: Troy Bertsch, Minot, ND, 148

8th Place: Ethan Neu, Fairview, MT, 51E

9th Place: Austin Green, Williston, ND, 11A

10th Place: 13, Alex Tvedt, Minot, ND, 103

11th Place: Rany Zufelt, Williston, ND, 88R

IMCA Modified

A Feature 1

1st Place: John Flory, Williston, ND, 19

2nd Place: Jason Wolla, Ray, ND, 27W

3rd Place: Eric Sinness, Williston, ND, 88

4th Place: Travis Hagen, Williston, ND, 14T

5th Place: Robert Hellebust, Minot, ND, 9H

6th Place: Donavon Sorenson, Williston, ND, 307

7th Place: Chris Schroeder, Williston, ND , 6

8th Place: Justin Bieber, Fairview, MT, 12

9th Place: Wayne Johnson, Minot, ND, 4J

10th Place: Jeremiah LaDue, Trenton, ND, 1

11th Place: Aden Clark, Surrey, ND 94

12th Place: Kyler Jeffrey, Williston, ND, 72X

13th Place: Tim Dignan, Kenmare, ND, 5D

14th Place: Richard Bohlman, Tioga, ND, 4

IMCA Northern Sportmod

A Feature 1

1st Place: Brady Bjella, Williston, ND, 99

2nd Place: Tate Johnson, Medicine Lake, MT, 413

3rd Place: Kelly Henderson, Minot, ND, 24

4th Place: Philip Keller, Sidney, MT, 9

5th Place: Nick Lund, Crosby, ND, 13

6th Place: CJ Peterson, Richey, MT, 14P

7th Place: Jeff Bieber, Fairview, MT, 89

8th Place: Alex Basher, Williston, ND, 8B

9th Place: Chaz Mosby, Arnegard, ND, 129

10th Place: Tanner Conlin, Williston, ND, 47

11th Place: Darren Schatz, Williston, ND, 29

12th Place: Rick Hanson, Williston, ND, 24X

13th Place: Tom Daleske, Sidney, MT, 91

14th Place: Tanner Weeks, Plentywood, MT, 00

15th Place: Doug Green, Alexander, ND, 88X

16th Place: John Lisenby, Watford City, ND, 46

IMCA Stock Car

A Feature 1

1st Place: Dalton Flory, Williston, ND, 20F

2nd Place: Jake Nelson, Williston, ND, 10J

3rd Place: Joe Flory, Williston, ND, 20

4th Place: Joren Boyce, Minot, ND, 67

5th Place: Jake Brown, Ray, ND, 40B

6th Place: Adam Goff, Minot, ND, 30A

7th Place: Jason Kniffen, Minot, ND, 34

8th Place: Hunter Cavanagh, Mesa, AZ, 133

9th Place: Justin Bachmeier, Williston, ND, 16B

Junior Slingshots

A Feature 1

1st Place: Sage Borud, Williston, ND, 6

2nd Place: Denli Wendt, Williston, ND, 30

3rd Place: Decker Wendt, Williston, ND, 38

4th Place: Ayden Hill, Williston, ND, 87A

5th Place: Nathan Trupe, Homestead, ND, 11

6th Place: Hailey Mattox, Ray, ND, 11M

7th Place: Landon Gaudreau, Williston, ND, 10X

8th Place: Jace Keller, Sidney, MT, J9

9th Place: Bayley Grile, Williston, ND, 26B

10th Place: Weston Uranker, Williston, ND, 1W


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