Deana Novak: "Jack Of All" Opens At MonDak Heritage Center

Deana Novak: ‘Jack Of All’ will be exhibited at the MonDak Heritage Center through Oct. 30.

Williston, ND artist Deana Novak states that ‘Jack of All’ is a show about being a curious artist. I struggle with the idea I should pick something and stick with it. Realizing I am truly a Jack of all trades I have designed this exhibit by curating mini shows of groupings of works done in all of the mediums and styles I love to create in.” The mediums used in this exhibition include: Pen on photos, Cyanotype, Watercolor & Pen, Gouache, Mixed Media, Watercolor and Watercolor and Gold Leaf.

Deana says, Jack of all trades, master of none. That phrase has always felt familiar to me. As an artist, I enjoy floating from medium to medium and exploring my style in those mediums. It is often hard to commit to one medium and style for me. I enjoy the challenge of trying new techniques and stretching my artistic talents. Mastery has always seemed unattainable and not all that important to me, but by continuing to try, experiment, and create I am advancing not only my artistic skills, but creating new and interesting pieces of art. Dropping the ‘master of none’ portion of the saying seemed to fit my methods and mission with this series of artworks. While not reaching for mastery, I hope to create pieces that are thought provoking, inspiring, and as enjoyable to look at as they are to create. While being a ‘Jack of all’ can sometimes seem chaotic and disjointed, I have found a common style among my pieces in all mediums. No matter how different each medium is my talent and personality manage to shine through. The viewer can clearly see there is a theme or style inherit in each piece I create. I have managed to put who I am into each piece regardless of the medium. As humans we have layers, feelings, and fickleness. Allowing myself to shift from medium to medium, piece to piece, encourages self-discovery of each distinct part of my personality. So, while I may not master a specific medium or style, this journey is allowing for deep personal discovery and forming unique talents along the way. I’m happy just being a Jack”.

While creating art in her own life is important Deana also spends a large part of her time volunteering as vice president of the board of directors at James Memorial Art Center. While volunteering Deana has found a strong passion for being an arts advocate in the community. If Deana isn’t making art, she is certainly thinking of ways to spread art in the community or help out a fellow local artist. Deana’s curiosity and passion has always driven her to try new styles and mediums. Many of her works have been seen during yearly board of directors art exhibits at James Memorial Art Center, a solo show called “Rooted in the Sky” in 2018 was shown at the James along with Cando Art Center and the University of Mary, Bismarck.

The MonDak Heritage Center is located at 120 3rd Ave. SE, Sidney and is open Tuesday-Friday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and Saturday’s from 1-4 p.m. Admission is free. For more information call 406-433-3500 or e-mail [email protected].


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