Crane Artist Bowman Illustrates Children's Books

Jeanne Bowman, Crane, knew at the age of 4 what she wanted to focus on for a career. Her mother, Page, is an artist so she felt it was something she would like to try.

She grew up dreaming about forests, fairies and magic all throughout her life as she moved up and down the Rocky Mountains from Colorado to Montana to New Mexico and back.

Bowman received a BA from Rocky Mountain College in fine art illustration. "Now what do I want to do with this degree," she remembers.

So she started a website with her portfolio to attract authors and publishers. In 28, she was able to connect with the South Dakota Historical Society Press to illustrate Charlie Russell and the "Gnomes of Bull Head Lodge", written by Emily Crawford Wilson. Creating an afternoon of magical mischief, Wilson crafts a modern fairy tale based on the life of Charles M. Russell and his many letters. Bowman fills each page with the beautiful color and wildlife of Glacier National Park. She has also recently illustrated "The Selfish Giant" by Oscar Wilde.

"My goal in life is to create as many wonderful, inspiring books as possible. I use illustration as my method to provoke laughter and wonder for children. There is nothing more satisfying than placing "in jokes" throughout a story or adding subtext to an already amazing tale." In addition to illustrating she is also working on creating her first picture book. "One day, I would love to write and illustrate a middle grade novel or better yet, a series," she says.

She moved back to Sidney in 2017 to be closer to her family. She does free-lance graphic design and coloring books.

She has several websites. She can be reached at: The book can also be purchased at Books On Broadway, 12 1/2 W. Broadway, Williston.


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