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Helena - Several in-person hunter educations classes have been scheduled around the state over the next several months.

While online classes are also available, there are several advantages to in-person classes, including: hands-on experience, mentoring and the opportunity for students to ask questions and hear advice from experienced hunters.

“We value our hands-on classroom courses and field days, all done with the dedication of our excellent volunteer instructors,” said FWP outdoor skills and safety supervisor Wayde Cooperider, “We feel that becoming a safe and ethical hunter requires not only knowledge, but also safe and ethical handling of firearms and archery equipment.”

Hunter education courses are free and cover basic information and skills related to the safe handling of firearms as well as basic instruction in wildlife management, game identification, landowner/hunter relations, hunter ethics and Montana hunting laws and regulations. 

In-person courses are led by volunteer instructors who are passionate about preserving Montana’s hunting tradition, teaching firearm safety, ethics and other outdoor skills.

“These in-person classes are a great way for new hunters to build connections within the hunting community,” Cooperider said.

For more information and to register for hunter education courses, visit the hunter education page on the FWP website. The webpage will be updated as more classes are scheduled. Questions can also be directed to your local FWP office or 406-444-9947.


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