Yellowstone Chiropractic Clinic Providing Care For Over 20 Years

The Yellowstone Chiropractic Clinic, located at 222 2nd Ave SW, Sidney, provides a variety of care to people of all ages: offering full-service chiropractic care, DOT physicals, nutritional supplies and custom-made orthotics.

The clinic has been in business for well over 20 years and continues to grow, with deep tissue massage therapy by Michelle Hernandez and Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency therapy by Tanya Candee. 

"We also provide DOT exams for CDL drivers, sports physicals for our area youth athletes, digital foot scanner to evaluate for and provide custom stabilizing orthotics, and nutritional counseling and supplements available," said Yellowstone Chiropractic Clinic's Dr. Ryan Laqua, DC.

Laqua started providing chiropractic services in Sidney in September, 2001 and says he loves helping people from around the area. Growing up he knew he wanted to pursue the practice after experiencing the benefits of it. 

"Chiropractic helped me with sports injuries growing up and I always appreciated the functional approach to get me moving as quickly as possible.  I understood the reasoning of letting the body heal itself by removing interference within the body and as I got closer to college, I wanted to pursue that mindset as a career," explained Laqua.

"I enjoy helping people every day, whether it's relieving headaches, low back pain, or helping an infant sleep well. I went into chiropractic because I knew I could create a job for myself in a smaller town setting. I could not have picked a better location than Sidney and the surrounding communities. There are genuinely good people here that support each other in business and personal ventures. You can walk down the street or into a local business and be greeted by people you know."

For more information on the services provided at the Yellowstone Chiropractic Clinic or to schedule an appointment, give them a call at 406-433-4757.


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