Hearts To Harvest Program Helps Address Food Security

For nine years, local farmers and gardeners have been able to help address nutritional and food security issues in Sidney and Scobey. Harvest to Hearts accepts fresh fruits and vegetable donations to distribute to area residents.

In 2013, Volunteers in Action MT in partnership started a program called Harvest for Seniors. From July through October, every year produce was donated to be given to seniors who have signed up to receive produce in Richland County one to two times a week. Anyone in the area with an abundance of produce due to their farming, gardening, or purchasing efforts could donate the produce. The produce would get enjoyed before it spoiled and a few area seniors were helped out with their food budget for a few months.

Now, for Harvest for Seniors, things have changed a little. The program has always been exclusively for seniors but, recently, the focus has changed to help anyone in need. The name was changed to Harvest for Hearts. There is a branch in Scobey, MT, where residents can sign up to have fresh produce delivered. Over the past two years, the Richland County Housing Authority has partnered with the program to support its residents at the Crestwood Inn.

There are many ways to help. Those interested in donating produce to the program may bring farm fresh, garden fresh, or even store-bought produce to the Community Services Building, 1201 W. Holly, Sidney. The building is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday, and the collection bins are just inside the door to the west. Volunteers are needed to sort, bag, prepare produce for distribution, and deliver the produce to locals who are on the list for distribution. Those wishing to help out by volunteering, to be added to the distribution list, or just to learn a bit more about the program should contact Rita at 406-433-2207. Rita said, "Your donations and time are invaluable, thank you for helping.


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