Prewitt & Company & Sidney Livestock

Cattle Marketing Headquarters

Prewitt & Company LLC has been the area's cattle marketing headquarters since 1996. The company has been involved in all avenues of the cattle industry including cattle buying, selling, and relocating. "We buy and sell cattle all over. We buy cattle off a lot of ranches in Montana and North Dakota and relocate them to feedlots in the Midwest," said Tim Larson, Prewitt & Company cattle buyer/seller and Sidney Livestock manager.

The company also feeds their own cattle at feedlots throughout Colorado and the Midwest. Their customer base includes producers and feedlots from California to Minnesota and 11 buyers covering Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming and Idaho. "Our goal is to build relationships with the rancher - make both ends meet - we want everyone to find the best market and best value for their cattle," added Tim. The company also produces cattle by leasing acreage for a cow/calf/yearling operation.

Tim has been working for Prewitt & Company since its inception. He said, "I was raised in it. My dad bought cattle for Rod during my teenage years, so I was exposed to it and traveled with him and helped him. So after a couple of years of college, I came back and have been here ever since."

In August 2012, Prewitt & Company purchased Yellowstone Livestock and renamed it Sidney Livestock Market Center. Since this time, there have been many upgrades and changes to the sale barn. "We have been working hard to grow a competitive marketplace - we have improved the yard so that the cattle are handled in a very cattle friendly way. We have also had to adjust some of our sale dates just to accommodate those numbers. For example, we have cattle sales every Wednesday, and then from the last Saturday of October to the first Saturday in December we have Saturday sales every week," stated Prewitt & Company marketing and advertising specialist Kristin Larson.

Kristin explained that a good-working sale barn is an important part of the vitality of the community. The Sidney Livestock sale barn has been serving ranchers from all over the MonDak region for many years. "We strive to produce a safe and healthy environment for cattle and for our youth to grow up in it and experience this business and this industry," added Tim.

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