Richland County Detention Center Acquires Body Scanners

The Richland County Detention Center recently acquired a high security body scanning system. The system is one of many located in Detention Centers across the State of Montana and across the nation.

This scanner is built in the USA and is compliant with FDA standards for security screenings. The scanner uses about 1% the x-ray level of a medical exam.

In less than 4 seconds the scanner can detect threats concealed under clothing or inside body cavities. The scanner can reveal weapons, drugs, cell phones and other contraband often times smuggled into a detention setting.

At the time of the purchase, Richland County staff were trained by a medically certified radiology professional not only how to operate the scanner but also how to read body scan images so they can quickly locate and identify what may be contraband.

This technology is an asset to our ability to ensure our detention center is safe and secure. It also provides staff the confidence that they have not missed something in a simple pat-down search of an inmate and can avoid other types of searches that have become an unacceptable practice.

The detention staff and myself are grateful to the Richland County Commissioners for their sincere consideration, commitment and the support to purchase this equipment and technology.


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