Allcheck Now Offering FAA Physicals

In August 2022, Dr. Carlos Trevino MD added a new skill to his many abilities as a physician. Allcheck Medical Clinic is now offering Class 2 & 3 DOT-FAA Physicals to the many things they already offer to the community as a medical practice.

Dr. Trevino looked into getting certified to do FAA Physicals in 2019. With Covid happening, his plans were put on hold. He had several friends in the area who possessed pilot's licenses and asked if he could do it since the physician, they currently went to in Plentywood was retiring. Trevino investigated online and contacted the local FAA Medical Division Director regarding it. In 2021, after Covid calmed down, he picked up where he had left off and found he had to redo 35 hours of basic medical training before doing the course. The course was for one week, and in Oklahoma and only offered 2-3 times a year. Because of Covid, however, the class was offered for the first time online.

Trevino finished the course in August. Allcheck now offers the DOT-FAA exams as well as DOT-FMCSA and other employment physicals. Trevino said, "It's a great service to the area as I'm the only one on this side of the state offering them four days a week. One other physician in Baker conducts them once a month. It's not a benefit to the practice, it's a benefit to the community, and to the airmen themselves. Otherwise, they would need to go to Billings."

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requires the airman/pilot to go to their website located at to enroll in their FAA MedXPress system for anyone requesting FAA Medical Clearance or a Medical Certificate. They must complete their application electronically. Once the application has been completed online, the airman/pilot receives a confirmation number that must be given to Allcheck in order to complete the physical. The cost for a FAA physical at Allcheck is $175.

Allcheck Medical Clinic began serving the community in June 2021 as an additional option for medical care. They are located at 223 N. Central Ave., Sidney, and are open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. They may be reached by phone at 406-488-5500.


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