$142,000 Coming For Richland County Street Safety Improvements From Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

(U.S. Senate) – As a direct result from his bipartisan “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)”, U.S. Senator Jon Tester secured $142,662 in Safe Streets for All funding for Richland County to improve street safety.

Tester worked with five Republicans and four Democrats to negotiate the IIJA and was the only member of Montana’s Congressional delegation to vote for the bill.

“Montanans count on safe streets to stay connected, grow their small businesses, and support their communities,” said Tester. “These targeted resources will help Richland County plan for the future and ensure that folks can count on safe travel for years to come. I’m proud to have worked across the aisle to deliver these dollars through my bipartisan infrastructure law, and I’m looking forward to seeing them be put to good use.

Funding from Tester’s bipartisan IIJA will be delivered to Richland County in the form of a Safe Streets for All grant to develop a comprehensive safety action plan that will ultimately improve street safety.

Tester secured significant wins for Montana in the legislation, including $2.82 billion for Montana’s roads, highways and bridges; $2.5 billion to complete all authorized Indian water rights settlements; $1 billion to complete all authorized rural water projects through the Bureau of Reclamation; $65 billion to deploy broadband to areas across the country that lack internet access and additionally make online connectivity affordable; and $3.37 billion to reduce wildfire risk nationwide, among others. Tester also worked to ensure that all iron, steel, and construction materials used for these projects must be made in America.

 A full list of Montana provisions in Tester’s bipartisan infrastructure law can be found at https://www.tester.senate.gov/newsroom/press-releases/pr-8721/.


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