Is This The End For Soccer In Sidney?

Greetings Sidney soccer fans, thank you to all who have volunteered your time in support of the Sidney Soccer Association over the years. The core of our soccer board has been ready to step down for the last three years. During that time we have repeatedly tried, but unsuccessfully found replacements for these positions. Each of us has enjoyed serving the club and giving back to the community with 40+ collective years of service. However, we’ve decided that it is time to put our proverbial foot in the sand and insist on finding replacements for our executive board positions. In the absence of replacements, we will shut the doors on the 2024 season.

All board positions are administrative and require no knowledge of soccer. The current board members will help usher in and mentor new leadership during the upcoming months and throughout this upcoming soccer season, but will not do so without a new board in place. All board positions must be filled by Jan. 8 for the 2024 season to move forward. If you would like more information on how to help, please contact the soccer board at [email protected] or via Facebook Messenger on our page, Sidney Soccer Association. The next soccer board meeting is scheduled for Jan. 8, 2024, @ 6 p.m. at Sidney Middle School.

The loss of a soccer program would be a devastating blow to the community. We’ve seen, first hand, the positive effects that the game has had on our children and our children’s friends. Not only has it helped in their character development, but it has also helped them become more well-rounded athletes. If we cannot find suitable replacements for the open positions, the next generation will lose access to the game that plays a vital role in our children’s development.

The positions that need to be filled are President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, and other members at large.


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