Former Area State Representative Attorney Krautter Kicks Off Congressional Campaign in Sidney

Sidney – Republican Congressional candidate, Joel Krautter, kicked off his campaign to serve as central and eastern Montana's next representative in the state's 2nd Congressional District with friends and supporters at the renovated Sidney Yellowstone Mercantile, Nov. 28.

"America is not the best we can be right now. Our country is plagued by growing debt and a sense of discouragement in the future. I offer Montanans a new generation of leadership in the U.S. Congress, focused on striving for statesmanship, protecting our Constitution and getting the job done right for citizens and our communities," said Krautter, candidate to be the next person to represent Montana in the U.S. Congress (MT-02) in the 2024 election. "Montanans tell me they are exhausted by the dysfunctional way Washington, D.C., is doing things today, with chaos, confusion, extremism, a broken budgeting process, and a total lack of leadership frustrating our ability to get common sense legislation accomplished for Montanans," said Krautter.

"Our issues don't earn national headlines, but they impact our communities every day and into the future. We need resources to improve public safety and to support law enforcement. We need a strong new Farm Bill. We must ensure our access to a robust water supply during times of drought, and maintain the quality of our roads, bridges, and highways.

Serving the healthcare and educational needs of our veterans and their families is essential. They earned it, and our country owes it. We must stop talking, and take action to take on drug traffickers, human traffickers and secure the southern border of the United States," said Krautter.

"I intend to go to Washington and use my leadership skills and my ability to bring people together to focus on delivering for the people of Montana, not myself and not partisan politics," he states.

Krautter is an attorney with the law firm, Netzer, Krautter & Brown, P.C. with offices in Sidney and Billings and formerly represented Montana House District 35, covering Richland County.


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