Lower Yellowstone Lodge #90 Hosts "Gifts From The Heart"

On Dec. 9 Lower Yellowstone Lodge #90 hosted the annual "Gifts from the Heart" program in Sidney.

Local residents came to the Lodge and were given bags of food and were able to select toys and Christmas gifts for their children from the collections provided by local charities. Tables were set up for boys and girls and by ages. Five or six families were allowed to enter at a time and were accompanied by a "Santa Shopper" to help them find appropriate gifts.

There were 135 bags of food including canned goods and a $15 gift card to help purchase a turkey or a ham from the local grocery stores. Toys were collected for over a month at four Edward Jones locations, financial institutions collected hats and mittens, 60 crochet hats were donated, and the ABATE motorcycle club provided money to buy bikes.

Over 200 volunteers from youth groups and church groups helped set up the event in just three days.

In 2022, there were 152 families, including 453 children, that were given gifts and food. This year there were 158 families and 452 children.


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