Dr. Lim To Discuss Metribuzin In Pulse Crops

Dr. Charlie Lim, Williston Research Extension Center NDSU Extension weed specialist, will share results and experiences from field trials with Metribuzin in pulse crops at 9:30 a.m. CST on Thursday, Feb. 1 at the Hard Spring Wheat Show at the Grand Hotel, Williston.

Lim’s experiments have mostly focused on crop safety of Metribuzin in lentil and chickpea with some in demo plots featuring in different soil types. He will also discuss contributing factors that could increase the potential for injury in pulses due to carry over from herbicides commonly used in wheat. He said he will also leave enough time for time for questions and discussion.

Lim received his PhD in weed science from Montana. He conducts research and extension programs to serve North Dakota agricultural clienteles and stakeholders. His research interest and outreach programs focus on weed control and integrated weed management, the mitigation of herbicide-resistant weeds, management of weed seed soil banks, diverse and ecological approaches to weed management, herbicide safety in crops, stewardship of weed control tools, and other topics and issues related to weeds.


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