Kochia Management Topic Of Jenks Presentation

Dr. Brian Jenks will discuss the use of Metribuzin as well as many other herbicide options for Kochia control during his Wheat Show presentation at 9:30 a.m., on Thursday, Feb. 1. in Williston.

He writes that 'Kochia has been a very competitive weed in the Northern Plains for decades. However, farmers' ability to control kochia has become even more difficult since kochia has developed resistance to some of our commonly used herbicides. In recent years, we have observed that some kochia populations are no longer completely controlled by Roundup, Starane, and Dicamba. In December 2022, some kochia populations were documented to be resistant to Group 14 PPO herbicides such as Sharpen and Aim. PPO resistance will leave no-till farmers with few pre-plant burn down options. There is also evidence that these kochia populations may be resistant to other extremely important soil-applied PPO herbicides like Spartan and Valor. Kochia will need to be managed through cultural practices in addition to using other herbicide modes of action.'

Jenks is the NDSU North Central Research Extension Center-Minot weed scientist He has been with the NCREC since 1997 and is widely respected throughout the MonDak. He earned his PhD from the University of Nebraska. The 71st Annual National Hard Spring Wheat Show will be held at the Grand Hotel in Williston.


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