(Updated 3-8-24) Yellowstone Township Debuts New Website

(Updated 3-8-24): Darrell Finsaas was listed as a board member of Yellowstone Township. The township supervisors are president Tim Cayko, Scott Buxbaum, Jon Dunbar and secretary-treasurer Vicky Cayko. Finsaas serves on the zoning board along with Tim Cayko, Buxbaum, Dunbar and Vicky Cayko. The zoning board makes recommendations to the supervisors.

The Roundup sincerely regrets the error.

(Original Story): Long time secretary/treasurer Vicky Cayko is excited about bringing Yellowstone Township into the 21st century with its well designed, easy to navigate website. Click on http://www.yellowstonetownshipnd.info for everything you need to know about this beautiful slice of North Dakota.

Yellowstone Township sits right on the border of Montana and North Dakota, stretching north along the Yellowstone River in McKenzie County. As a township, they have had to deal with massive development issues over the past several years. The new website provides an easy tool for anyone needing to research zoning and ordinance issues.

A map, board meeting dates, and a link to the North Dakota township handbook site are also included. Yellowstone Township taxpayers also provide maintenance for Sundheim Park. Park information is on the new website as well.

Contact information for chairman Tim Cayko and board members Scott Buxbaum, Darrell Finsaas and Jon Dunbar is available on the site as well.


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