The City Of Williston Is Taking Steps To Attract New Retailers To Its Community


Williston Economic Development and the Williston Convention and Visitor Bureau are collaborating with Buxton to identify the people who shop and dine in Williston and what new retailers would best serve them.

Buxton representatives were in Williston today to present their initial findings from their advanced consumer analytics. About 60 investors, developers, business and civic leaders attended the meeting to gather more information about Williston’s consumers.

Williston Economic Development Executive Director says Buxton’s data goes way beyond the traditional demographic information that is normally utilized to recruit new businesses. Buxton is able to determine the characteristics that are unique to Williston’s trade area, such as how far people will drive to shop in Williston, the local economy’s strengths and the type of space that is available for new retailers. “Williston has moved from a boom to a business model and there are all types of companies that are needed to satisfy our growing population’s shopping habits. Buxton will provide the tools and information we need to target and recruit those businesses,” said Wenko.

Buxton’s retail recruitment solution identifies the top 20 retailers that best suit or match the market it is studying. Wenko says Williston’s list generated a lot of positive feedback and excitement.

“The top twenty target retailers include TJ Maxx, Gordman’s, Rue21, Hibbitt Sports, Friday’s, Chili’s, Sonic and others,” said Wenko. “The next step is to deliver pursuit packages to those businesses and begin the recruitment process.”

The collaboration with Buxton will be ongoing as the recruitment process unfolds. Williston Economic Development will continue to meet with Buxton monthly via conference call for updated status reports. Buxton will also provide in person reviews approximately every six months. Wenko also notes the results will continue to evolve as the economy and population changes and as target businesses either commit or pass on opening a business in Williston.


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