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The Wings of Freedom Airshow Was a Highlight of 2016


The Canadian Snowbirds flew in tight formation, wowing the airshow crowd with their precision and technique.

September 23rd the skies came alive as pilots flew into town for the 2016 Wings of Freedom Airshow. The Canadian Snowbirds, who are part of the Royal Canadian Forces, headlined this amazing show September 25th, with performances being cancelled the 24th due to inclement weather.

The 2016 Wings of Freedom Airshow was dedicated to Phil Petrik, a man with an extensive aviation career, and founder of Richland Aviation, a unique family business that is still thriving today.

It was the fourth airshow the city has hosted, put into action after Bryan Prevost was contacted by the Canadian Snowbirds who were interested in coming back to perform in Sidney. They performed only eight of their 39 scheduled shows in the United States this year. Flying CF-18s, they are the only nine plane jet demonstration team in North America, and have fans come from all over the world to see their demonstrations. The Canadian Snowbirds were part of the Wings of Freedom Airshow in 2009 and came to visit for an impromptu demonstration in 2013.

The airshow was held at the Richland County Airport; other airmen who demonstrated their talents were Brent Handy, Matt Younkin, Bill Stein, Jim Peitz, Gene Soucy, and Warren Pietsch. Pietsch and Danny Clisham, announcer for the event, are both honorary Snowbirds.


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