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Making the Most of Cherry Season


Cherry jam, cherry juice, cherry pie, oh my! Summer is finally here, and that means sweet cherries are in season. In the Sidney area, we are lucky to have a range of cherry variety available at local grocers throughout the season, as well as regular visits from the Jacobs Fruit Company Truck.

For the past five years, Levi Jacobs, owner and operator of Jacobs Fruit Company, had made regular stops in Glendive, Sidney, and in Eastern North Dakota, with his refrigerated truck filled with cherries. Jacobs’ cherries are sourced from growers in the Washington area as well as the Flathead Valley of Montana. Jacobs typically offers sweet, dark cherries, and yellow Ranier cherries, which are picked only a few days before sale.

Cherries can be eaten raw, baked into pies and tarts, preserved as pickled cherries, jam or jelly, made into syrup, dried, or added to salads or other dishes for added flavor. Sweet cherries are high in fiber, antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Cherry season runs from May to August, so stock up while you can. Cherries can easily be frozen by placing washed, pitted cherries on a baking sheet and placing it into the freezer. Frozen cherries can be stored in sealed plastic bags, and can be used in any recipe calling for fresh cherries. There is no need to thaw them first.

To dry cherries, cut pitted cherries in half and place on a baking sheet or in a food dehydrator. Cherries should be dried for about ten hours at 150 degrees, and should feel dry to the touch but still leathery and pliable when finished.

The Jacobs Fruit Truck should be rolling into town about every three weeks this summer with fresh batches of cherries. Visit to sign up for sales dates.

If you miss the fruit truck, check your local grocery store for bags of fresh cherries. For more information, check out the Richland County Nutrition Coalition Facebook page at, and the Pinterest page at


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