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People's Congregation Church Remodel


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Pastor Neil Lindorff and his congregation love their remodeled kitchen. (Photo by Jaymi Loobey)

In mid-December 2017, preparing meals in the kitchen at the People's Congregational Church UCC in Sidney, Montana became a lot more enjoyable. Most of the old appliances, cabinets, and lighting were refurbished, updated or just outright replaced. Now LED fluorescent lighting illuminates volunteers' tasks instead of traditional fluorescent lighting. The flooring was redone. Cabinets over the serving window that did not quite fit are gone. Several new oak cabinets with a clean wheat stain and summit styled doors overhead and at ground level have been added in a much safer spot. A giant super susan was added to both of the far corners for ease of access and storage. Two combination oven/stovetops were added to replace the counter stovetops and separate double oven. Pastor Neil Lindorff made sure to point out the vents. The previous stovetops did not have vents above them. A new refrigerator was placed where the double oven was but the old one was kept. The previous island was completely redone. A beautiful double sink was added along with rollouts on the base drawers so pots and pans can easily be stored there. Plate dividers were also placed in a drawer on the island so fragile, heavy plates no longer have to be lifted overhead. Not all the cabinets are new, however, 54 years ago a cabinetmaker named John Bock made cabinets for the church kitchen. He was a longtime church member by the time he passed away in 2011 so it was decided that the cabinets he made under the serving window would be kept. The only thing that was changed was new doors were put on. They had to be custom built to accommodate for John's work. All this is patently watched over by an interesting clock. The face is on the back of a new frying pan and it hangs on the lefthand wall.

People's Congregational Church UCC's newly remodeled kitchen. (Photo by Jaymi Loobey)

The People' Congregational Church UCC was started in Sidney in 1908. The current church building was built in 1964 and they have been holding services there ever since. Since 1964 on countless occasions volunteers from the church, as well as the occasional community group, have toiled away in the church's kitchen to provide meals for church events, weddings, funerals and other get-togethers. Several years ago the church decided a change needed to be made in the kitchen. There were no major repairs needed. Things just needed to be updated. They raised the money to remodel the kitchen through donations, memorials, and fundraisers. Everything for the remodel was acquired locally. Products and services from Gurney Electric, Creative Solutions, Johnson's Hardware and Furniture and PATH Inc. were used in the remodel. The men of the church volunteered their skills, and time for the installation of what was not put in by the businesses.

Everyone is glad the new kitchen is proving a more efficient and enjoyable place to work in. Pastor Neil said, "It makes it easier, more convenient, to serve a congregational meal." The beauty, abundant storage, and ease of access is much appreciated. He hopes it all will serve the church well for many years to come.


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