New Ownership Drives Revenue In Sidney


Owners, left to right, Linda and Rich Gorde.

On the corner of Holly and Central in Sidney, you will see a small yellow coffee shop with cars lining up waiting for their days favorite beverage. This coffee shop has quickly become one of Sidney's favorites after being purchased by new owners in March of this year. Rich and Linda Gorde found their love for coffee when they obtained what was once known as Silver Junction. They changed the business name quite recently to The Coffee Stop. The building itself has received a fresh coat of paint, and the business a fresh start.

Having little to no experience in coffee or drink making prior to purchase, Rich and Linda depended heavily on employees that had the knowledge to help them learn the ropes. Those employees are still with them today. The Gorde's found the business to be busy when the change in ownership happened earlier this year, however, they state that business is up 25% and is consistently growing. While Rich enjoys cooking for patrons, Linda likes to visit, joking that once in awhile she gets in trouble for holding up the line. They both have their favorite drinks as well; Rich enjoys the red bull chargers while Linda appreciates the taste of a French vanilla white chocolate latte.

The Coffee Stop will be offering a new drink called "Refreshers" beginning May 27. The refresher can be combined with fruit or popping pearls that look much like boba balls however, they contain fruit juice rather than tapioca. There will also be chocolate popping pearls available as well which Linda says will be delicious in an iced latte. For those that are looking for a healthier option, you are also in luck! Rich and Linda offer what is called "The Lotus", a plant-based, all-natural drink.

The Coffee Stop also offers breakfast options such as breakfast burritos and bagel sandwiches topped with ham, bacon, or sausage. The limited breakfast menu is served from 6:30 AM until 11:30 AM. From 11:30 AM to 6PM they offer soft pretzels with cheese, providing a great snack throughout the day.

When asked about their long-term aspirations for The Coffee Stop, Rich and Linda answer by saying that they are eager to see continued growth and a long line of happy customers daily.

The Gorde family is native to Sidney. Rich has been with LYREA for 18 years and Linda works part time with Brenner and Averett. They also own an exterior painting business when the weather is favorable, R&L Painting.


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