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New McKenzie County Tourist And Watford City Events Website Released This Spring


As of this spring, the McKenzie County Tourism staff released a new Tourist website along with a brand new Watford City events website. The tourism website serves as a "hub for the area's premier vacation attractions."

"We have created a new and easy-to-navigate site that provides a lot of stunning images that make up McKenzie County and Watford City, North Dakota. Right away on the Home Page we take you to the Can't Miss Day Trips, we highlight all of the meeting facilities in and around Watford City, and list upcoming events," explained Tourism Director of McKenzie County, Doug Bolken.

The site includes a detailed listing of all the accommodations and dining in and around Watford City. "We have provided the list of attractions under our Discover tab. All in a visually appealing manner," said Bolken.

Visitors are encouraged to take a break from the common and experience a bit of the extraordinary. The website includes information on hiking adventures on the backcountry trail, a golf drive, and much more information on experiencing the rich culture and history in McKenzie County, "the possibilities for enjoying McKenzie County are as endless as its night skies."

Bolken explained that he is most excited about the new visuals of the website. "If you don't read anything on the site – the images will tell the story. Also, probably the "Can't Miss Day Trips" and our "Featured Attractions" under the Discover tab. There is so much to do in and around Watford City, "said Bolken.

Bolken also added, "Along with this website, we have been in the development of our detailed events website, which is This site provides a complete community calendar. It allows the user to sort by category and put in a date range. The user can also submit an event that will be approved and then uploaded on the calendar. A key feature is that you can click on an event and send it to your own personal calendar."

To find out about all the community events happening in McKenzie County, visit You can also check out the new tourism website at!


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