Eastern Montana Meats, LLC Processes Local Montana Raised Beef

This year a brand-new beef processing facility opened up in Sidney called Eastern Montana Meats, LLC. This facility is located at 12314 Co. Rd 351 in Sidney and is open from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. weekdays. 

Steve Lunderby and his two sons, Jake and Dillon, own and operate Eastern Montana Meats.

They are all involved with the process from start to finish. The cattle that are brought in for processing are born and raised on local ranches and brought to Lunderby Livestock for finishing in the feedlot on high grain rations. Finished animals are moved across the property from the feedlot to the facility. 

The Lunderbys have been involved in the cattle industry their entire life and take pride in the beef they raise and process. They guarantee the highest quality and food chain safety of Montana grain-fed beef.

Steve Lunderby has always had a goal of being involved in the cattle business from start to finish and this business has allowed him to do just that.

The company's goal is to have consumers look forward to buying their beef so that they can support the growers that are a part of Eastern Montana Meats.

"So far everything has been going really well. It is constant training – everybody is new, and we have been fortunate enough to hire people from bigger plants that have been doing this for many years," said Steve Lunderby. 

The company has been selling their products to 13 grocery stores and several restaurants. They have also been shipping their wholesale products out to the east coast for the past three weeks. 

The plant is a federally inspected facility - The Federal Meat Inspections Act requires that USDA inspectors inspect all live animals before they enter the facility. 

After the animal has entered the plant, postmortem inspections are done on all the appropriate organs and carcass to ensure the animal is free of any disease or pathological conditions. Inspections are also performed on the carcass and the meat before it leaves the establishment. This ensures that the safest food supplies are being produced and delivered to customers and allows EMM to offer the highest quality controls.

Steve said, "People like to know where their beef comes from and that is something that we can confidently tell them."

Customers can put in orders on their website and the company can ship orders via FedEx throughout the United States or pick it up locally at the facility. For more information on Eastern Montana Meats, visit their website at http://www.emmeats.com.


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