Fairview School Raising Funds For New Playground Equipment & Surfacing

Fairview School is raising funds to provide their students with a safe, productive place to exercise and play. 

The funds raised will provide safer, ADA compliant playground surfacing and inclusion playground equipment for all ages and abilities.

“For many students, recess is the best part of their day. I am excited at the prospect of our children having equipment that improves their physical and mental well-being. It will also increase their sense of self-worth knowing that the community considered them important enough to generously donate funds to this project,” said Janine Danielson, first grade teacher at Fairview elementary school.

According to a statement from Fairview Schools, their Elementary School serves 114 students, where 40% of them qualify for free and/or reduced lunch and 10% of them live in poverty. Many of those students do not have access to a yard or safe playground equipment at their homes, therefore Fairview School wants to help those students experience a safe place to play, by providing better playground equipment. 

“Our playground is in dire need of upgrading. The surfacing now consists of gravel, which is considered the least safe of all acceptable materials,” said Danielson.

Currently Fairview Schools has pea gravel and large gravel as their playground surface. This type of surfacing does not meet the daily-required sensory input. The school is planning on replacing this surfacing with tamarack wood chips and replacing the dirt underneath the surface with proper soil to promote the growth of grass. 

This area would provide a place where students can develop physical fitness and enjoy free play. 

In addition to these changes, the school would also like to add a piece of playground equipment that would contribute to muscle development of the upper and lower body, while increasing agility and strength. 

Danielson said, “It is important that we add equipment that has embedded fitness components to develop large muscle groups, agility, and balance. Thirty-five percent of Richland County adults are considered obese.  We need to stop the trend in elementary school by providing an engaging, safe place for our kids to play.”

With the new equipment, the school is expecting to see an improvement in the student behavior. They also expect improved academic performance because their students will be able to focus longer and fidget less.

The school is hoping to receive funding soon so that they can receive and install the new products before the start of the school year, fall 2021. The total estimated cost of replacing and installing new equipment and surfacing is $84,700. 

The school has its own webpage (www.fschool.org) and Facebook page where they will be spotlighting the incoming donations.

 “One thing that I love about the people of Richland County is their commitment to important causes.  They are generous and supportive of our children. I am grateful to live in such a giving community,” added Danielson

Donations can be sent to Fairview School, PO Box 467, Fairview, MT 59221. For more information contact Fairview Schools at 406-742-5265. 


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