First Homesteader Swap Of The Season Was May 13

On May 13 from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., homesteaders were to come together at the Richland County Fairgrounds to hold the first Homesteader Swap of 2023. In true eastern Montana fashion, however, the weather had other ideas, and after an hour and a half of vendors not showing up because of heavy rain, the event ended early.

The Homesteaders’ Swap was the brainchild of Charlie and Jamie Land, Edmonton, KY. They ranch in Kentucky but often frequent Richland County in Montana. Jamie was born and raised in Sidney and still has friends and family here. May 13 was to be the first day of a biweekly event that will continue to occur until the end of August. For the sake of the animals, it is being held on the grass in the east parking lot of the Fairgrounds in case of accidents. Homesteaders, small-time farmers and ranchers, artists, and craftsmen will be welcome to sell, barter, or trade animals, fruit, vegetables, animal products, baked goods, art, and other homemade items. The cost for vendors is $25 to help with rent and insurance, but admission for those coming to just buy or check the event out is free. Those wishing to purchase animals must bring means to transport them home.

The Lands love homesteading. Jamie said, “With the prices in the supermarkets going up and the fact that you can’t trust where your meat is coming from this seemed like the perfect time to do this.” Jamie loves for kids to come, see, and learn where their food comes from. On May 13 they had baked goods, crafted brooders, dip waterers, air fresheners with decorative hangers, quail, and fertilized quail eggs.

The Lands plan on holding a homesteader swap every other Saturday through August. In August, the dates will be changed to work around the Fair and Lone Tree Gun Show as they are running booths at both events and the parking lot will be in use. They plan to make this an annual event.


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