REDC Tours PSC Insulation, LLC

Jamey Buxcel and Linda Knutson were fantastic hostesses as they took several REDC directors and RLF committee members through the manufacturing business of PCS Insulation, LLC, in Sidney. PCS was the most recent recipient of the Revolving Loan Fund.

This emerging company creates, sews, packages, installs, and ships custom made insulation products. Everything from removable insulation for oil field sites, transport protection for vehicles and Ag equipment, blow-in insulation for homes, noise reduction, and so much more. The canvas product comes in various colors, which is handy for the oil companies. There is no asbestos in any of their materials.

PCS Insulation manufactures for other companies, as they are established as very trustworthy within the market. One of their top products is a fiberglass canvas, impregnated with silicone for protection. The company attains over 90% of all their materials within the US, remaining competitive in their pricing.

Jamey cares about her employees and supports them in a variety of ways. In addition to a competitive wage, she offers childcare options for workers that need it, and a community garden. She currently employs 13-16 people, and she could use more as her production increases.

The typical process for a product is to be drawn, cut, laid out, pre-sewn, stuffed, finished (final sewn) packaged, shipped, or delivery installed. Each step is meticulously managed by qualified staff to ensure the quality of the items.

Jamey and Linda will embark on an amazing trip to Prague in the Czech Republic to meet with potential international companies and forge business relationships. The MT Dept of Commerce awarded a competitive grant to PCS Insulation to make this possible.

In early June, Jamey was certified as a Thermal Insulation Inspector by the National Insulation Association. She is now qualified to inspect and verify that both the materials used, and the total insulation system are installed correctly, in accordance with project specifications. She can also identify areas of concern with previously installed insulation systems.

REDC was thrilled to learn more about this impressive company and wishes Jamey and her staff continued success for this unique manufacturing business located at 409 N. Central Ave., Sidney, MT.


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