Fairview Warrior Volleyball Falls Short

In two much-anticipated re-matches, the Fairview Warriors faced the Sidney Eagles on Oct. 10 and the Wolf Point Wolves on Oct. 12. Although the hopes were high to avenge their only two losses of the season, the Fairview Warriors fell just short in both.

Fairview Vs. Sidney

With both team's fans out in full force, the Warriors and Eagles met in Sidney for an exciting night of volleyball. The Warriors struggled early in set one, falling behind 2-10. Kills from Macy Tjelde, Emily Johnson, and Kallee Hopes earned the Warriors points 8, 9, and 10, but the Eagles nailed down the set 13-25. After exchanging points in set two until the score was 3-3, the Warriors finally took the lead, 7-3, with five serves from Isabelle Fry and a kill at the net from Tjelde that hit the 10-ft line. The Eagles rallied back, tying the score, 10-10. The Warriors managed to score another four points, aided by serves from Abby Berry. Strong serving and ball placement from Sidney helped the Eagles decrease the Fairview lead to 16-13, but a kill from Johnson earned a Fairview side out. Serves from Sidney tied the game 18-18, but a tip kill from Kambre Kloker earned the Fairview side-out. The teams exchanged points until a kill from Tjelde and an ace from Kloker gave the Warriors the lead 22-20. A dig from Carly Buxbaum, an assist from Kloker, and a kill from Tjelde earned the Warriors one more point, 23-20. Blocks from Hopes and Berry sealed the win for set two for the Warriors 25-20. Even though the Warriors took the early lead, 5-3, in set three, the Eagles fought back, eventually leading 9-13. A block from Johnson prevented game point for the Eagles, but they won the set 18-25. Once again, the Warriors took the lead in set four, 9-4. Kills from Tjelde and a block from Kloker kept the momentum going for the Warriors, taking the lead to 18-11. Fairview errors helped the Eagles decrease the Warrior lead 20-18. Isabelle Fry got a kill to take the score to 21-18. A kill each from Johnson, Hopes, and Kloker, three kills from Sidney, and errors on both sides of the net tied the set 24-24. Fry went back to serve and aced point 25. Head Coach Anil Kara called a time-out for Sidney, and the Sidney crowd erupted in noise, hoping to help their team, but "You can't ice Fry" and she served another ace for the win, 26-24, taking the match to set five. Sidney's servers and attackers were strong in set five, taking the early lead, 3-8. The Warriors and Eagles exchanged points until a kill from Johnson, and an error on the Eagles took the score to 10-12. A kill from Sidney, an Eagle error, and a kill from Tjelde took the score to 12-13, but the Eagles came out on top 12-15.

Fairview - Kills: Tjelde 23, Johnson 6, Hopes 5, Fry 3, Kloker 3. Assists: Hopes 18, Kloker 14, Fry 1. Blocks: Johnson 4, Kloker 3, Berry 2, Hopes 1, Tjelde 1. Aces: Johnson 5, Fry 3, Kloker 2, Berry 1, Hopes 1. Digs: Tjelde 21, Berry 11, Kloker 10, Hopes 7, Buxbaum 5, Johnson 4, Fry 3.

Fairview Vs. Wolf Point

In the District 2B match-up versus number 1 ranked Wolf Point and number 2 ranked Fairview, Wolf Point took the match three sets to one, but with only an 8-point difference in total points scored, 18-25, 19-25, 25-17, 22-25.

Fairview - Kills: Johnson 10, Tjelde 8, Kloker 2, Berry 1, Fry 1, Hopes 1. Assists: Hopes 14, Kloker 4, Manuel 1. Blocks: Johnson 7, Kloker 4, Berry 3, Manuel 2, Hopes 1, Tjelde 1. Aces: Johnson 2, Tjelde 1, Buxbaum 1. Digs: Hopes 9, Buxbaum 9, Tjelde 7, Berry 6, Johnson 3, Kloker 3, Fry 1.

As the Warriors prepare for the last week of regular season play, Sophomore Macy Tjelde said, "Most people would think that coming off of two losses would be a bad thing; the losses would make finishing the season tough. But we are going to use these losses as learning opportunities. We are going to continue to work as hard as we can in practice this week and next week. We are going to continue to improve our skills and work towards our team goals." Freshman Bell Fry agrees, "As a team, we are going to work to overcome our weaknesses and turn them into our strengths."

The Warriors host the Glasgow Scotties for Pink Night on Oct. 20 and the Malta Mustangs for Senior Night on Oct. 21.


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