Verschoot Retires, Richland Federal Credit Union Hires Corliss Nelson As New Vice President Of Lending

Richland Federal Credit Union Senior Loan Officer, Nancy Verschoot is retiring after 20+ years of service to the community and her fellow credit union members. During that time, Verschoot has been a major contributor to the credit union's growth from a $19 million institution to over $100 million today. In addition to serving the borrowing needs of RFCU members, particularly the agricultural community, Verschoot also skillfully navigated many regulatory oversight changes facing financial institutions during her tenure.

"Nancy always went to great lengths to provide superior service to our members during these past years and over the past few months, has been a great help to me, as a new manager, in part by delaying her retirement to afford me the time to find her successor," RFCU Manager Korey Hagan said. "I am forever grateful to Nancy for that, and all that she has done for RFCU."

In recognition of Verschoot's many contributions and impending retirement, an open house is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 14 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at RFCU, 201 W Holly St., Sidney. The public is invited.

Richland Federal Credit Union thanks Nancy for her many years of service and wishes her all the best and a Happy Retirement!

"Following Verschoot's departure, Corliss Nelson has been hired to take over lending management at RFCU", Hagan announced. Nelson is a graduate of Malta High School, the Pacific Banking School, and the American Institute of Banking. Nelson will supervise all loan department personnel, but will also provide the addition of a loan underwriting function to RFCU. Among other benefits, Nelson was previously a tenured Lead Examiner of Financial Institutions for the State of Montana and brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to RFCU. Nelson's other duties will be somewhat different than Verschoot's and will not always be conducted on location. However, RFCU maintains on location personnel to serve walk-in borrowing needs, and Nelson will also be available on location by appointment.

"On behalf of RFCU, I would like to welcome Corliss and we are excited to have her knowledge and unique background in continuing to grow our credit union," Hagan said when announcing her appointment. "Corliss will play an instrumental role in the coming years, in a number of aspects, in helping write this next chapter".


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