Sidney Boys Baseball Inaugural Game, Columbus, March 24

Sidney High School made history last spring.

On March 24, the Sidney High School Boys Baseball team took the field for the first time, traveling to Columbus, MT. They were planning to spend the night and play two games on Saturday, March 25, but Mother Nature and snow had other plans.

Quite a few people came out to support Sidney in their first game. Kelly Bower said, “I am super excited to be at the first baseball game! I think it is great. I’m optimistic. I’m excited to see how our boys will be able to compete against teams we have never played before. I can’t wait!”

Chris Schaubel who grew up in Sidney took the afternoon off to attend this historic event. He has been an assistant to the A level Cardinals youth team, Billings, and has coached for about 25 years and this year he will be there to help. Schaubel played through the Babe Ruth level in Sidney. He tried out for the Montana State University club team, Bozeman and played outfield.. “I think there is a good synergy between Legion and high school baseball, and I think it is great that Sidney now has the opportunity for both.” Chris is the son of Sidney residents Eva and Charles Shaubel.

Dane McCollum, son of Michael McCollum was also in attendance. “I grew up right across the street from Moose Park, Sidney. I played Little League all the way up through legion, and I think it is great that Sidney High School is bringing boys baseball in as a school sport. I know that teams are spread out across the state right now, since it is new, but any opportunity to play this game, I’m all for it. Any time they get to get on the field and play this game, it’s great. They learn a lot of life lessons through baseball; including how to win and lose, with dignity.

Unfortunately, the Eagles lost their first game 0-15, but coach Hunter Gordon is optimistic for growth this season. “Today is the first time we have been outside on a baseball field. Our practices have been in the gym because our field is covered in snow. We knew starting this, that the weather in Montana was going to be a factor, but we will play whenever we can. Weather is a challenge for all baseball and softball teams in our area. Columbus is our closest trip, but we are prepared for travel. We go to Belgrade and Butte, but they come to Sidney too.”

Gordon says their team is a mix of experience levels. “Some of our players are also Legion Baseball players. Sidney just started their summer Legion team back last year, so we do have some players with experience. We did have some players out today in which this was their first time on a field as a team. They did well considering the circumstances. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we can work through things on the practice field at home.”


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