Fairview Police Department Receives Replacement Radios Using Grant For Montana Peace Officers

The Fairview Police Department was able to purchase two radios with the help of the Mason Moore Grant on Dec. 11. Because of the grant they were able to replace 22-year-old equipment The Fairview Police Department is a rather small department with only two officers, but the town they service is quite small as well, with a population of 898 at the last census in 2020 over .8 sq. miles. At times they have had to call the Richland County Sheriff Department or law enforcement from nearby towns. Sometimes they can be strapped for resources and communication can be a lifesaver if a situation starts to turn sour.

Lately, the Fairview Police Department was becoming a little desperate with only two working radios and batteries that did not stay in them reliably, making communication difficult, if not impossible at times.

Police Chief Whitney Hergert recalled a time she was out on a call and needed backup assistance while making an arrest. She was unable to call out from her radio to dispatch in order request backup assistance, so she had to complete the arrest by herself and call later, on her cellphone. A very dangerous situation for a peace officer.

The police department had requested replacement radios a few times but a single police radio costs $3,000-5,000 new and they needed two. It was a little too much for the small town to afford. Their plight did not go unheard, however. Brandon Roth, Richland County Disaster and Emergency Services Coordinator, was able to lend them one of his radios, indefinitely. Justin Damm, Advanced Communications (Sidney,) was watching for good quality equipment they could afford but they needed more help.

Chief Hergert applied for the Mason Moore Grant, a grant created to show the Mason Moore Foundation's love and support of law enforcement agencies in Montana. Among other things it provides grants to local law enforcement agencies to provide for programs or special equipment that may not be available through the standard governmental funding process. An early grant exception and was able to get them two refurbished radios. Costing $1,050 each, but with the grant, the Fairview Police Department can reliably communicate again. For more about the Mason Moore Foundation and what they do for Montana law enforcement visit https://masonmoorefoundation.com.


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