Help Keep Our Community Safe This Halloween

Prevent a Ghoulish Tragedy…


Be extra careful on Richland County roadways this year…there are little ghosts & goblins lurking all around.

Park your phone while behind the wheel and refrain from other distractions.

Talk with your “ghosts & goblins” about safety

Make sure you are familiar with the neighborhood your children are “trick or treating” in.

Make it a group activity.

Go through treats before allowing them to indulge…i.e. intact packaging, homemade treats you don’t know the origin of or items that are inappropriate due to health of other reasons.

Carry a flashlight and only go to homes that have a porch light on.

Stay on sidewalks and in lighted areas….don’t take short cuts through alleys or yards.

Drinking and driving is not the “scare” you want this Halloween….

Nationwide, Halloween is a particularly deadly night due to the high number of impaired drivers on the roads. All too often, “buzzed” partygoers leave the party to get behind the wheel, putting themselves and others on the road in danger.

Driving while impaired is a crime that seriously risks your safety and the safety of those around you. Whether you’ve had one too many or are way over the limit, the results can be the same. Drunk driving is not worth causing a traffic crash, serious injury, or worse—death.

Sometimes, obeying the law is still not enough to protect yourself or others from an impaired driver. If you see an erratic driver on our roadways, call 911 immediately. Report the location, direction of travel, make-model-color of vehicle. You just may save a life.

Plan ahead and don’t turn our roadways into a real-life horror show….

Before the Halloween festivities begin, plan a way to safely get home at the end of the night.

If you get tricked into drinking, treat yourself to a safe ride…Call Sidney Shuttle 433-3636

Happy ~ Safe Halloween from all of us on the Richland County Injury Prevention Team/DUI Task Force…stay safe. For more information please call Mary, Injury Prevention Specialist at the Richland County Health Department 433-2207.


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