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Revolving Loan Fund Award


Left to Right: Stasia Creek, Stockman Bank of MT, Michelle Frank, Esprit Health Clinic and Leslie Messer, REDC.

Richland Economic Development Corp. is pleased to announce that the Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) committee has awarded its thirteenth loan for the expansion of an existing business in Sidney. Michelle Frank, of Esprit Health & Wellness, was approved for a loan to expand Esprit Health Clinic.

Michelle completed an application in partnership with her lead lender, Stasia Creek, of Stockman Bank of Montana, and presented this project to the RLF committee for review. The funding request was to refinance and to attain a second Family Nurse Practitioner to further support her clientele.

Esprit Health Clinic provides healthcare services to Richland County residents and the surrounding communities. Esprit provides holistic patient care across the lifespan of its clients, while helping to ease the primary provider shortage in our area.

Michelle is happy to announce that she is hiring a second Nurse Practitioner to further serve our growing patient population. Additionally, she has opened Central MediSpa, which allows her to specialize in exciting services such as SottoPelle Hormone Replacement, Cosmetic and Therapeutic Botox, and more skin care to come! "As Esprit's sole proprietor, I'd like to extend a sincere thank you to our dedicated and supportive community, Stasia Creek (Stockman Bank of Montana), my parents, family, patients and staff. This expansion was made possible with the assistance of the REDC-RLF."

The RLF committee is pleased to assist Michelle in this business venture. The intent of the RLF is to offer an additional tool to support new business and business expansion projects. Stasia Creek states "We are so pleased to work with Michelle & Esprit, to offer additional healthcare options in our community. The use of the RLF funds enabled Stockman Bank of Montana to partner with REDC to leverage our traditional lending programs."

Richland Economic Development Corp. encourages existing businesses and new business startup projects to consider the RLF as a resource. The RLF loan pool of $1,000,000 is not free money, but an investment made by the Richland County Commissioners, to assist in the development of business in our economy. The application and review process is achievable, and done in conjunction with the area financial institutions in Richland County.

If you or someone you know is thinking of expanding or launching a new business in Richland County, contact any of the local financial institutions or Richland Economic Development Corp today for an application!


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