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By Tim Fine 

Community Garden Beds Are Available Now


The community garden just south the of the Eastern Ag Research Center consists of 24 garden beds and provides water and shared gardening tools. The project has been well received and is a welcome addition to the city of Sidney.

A few years ago at a County-wide conference there were some citizens in attendance who wanted to have a place to grow vegetables for those who lived in apartments/campers/or houses with no backyard to do so. These citizens decided that a Community Garden would be the best possible solution to address this situation.

The County Commissioners happened to be at the conference as well and decided that, of all of the issues that were raised at the conference, the Community Garden idea was one that could be fairly easily addressed. So with a generous donation of some land from the Eastern Agricultural Research Center and a generous donation of funds from the Commissioners, the Community Garden was born.

2017 marks the fouth year that beds located at the Community Garden will be available to local citizens. There are currently 24, four foot by eight foot raised bed gardens available for rent on an annual basis for $20.

One of the 24 community garden beds available.

There is the possibility of future expansion of the garden, but for the time being we are limited to the 24 beds that are currently in place. Because of this reason, and because the intent of the community garden is to get as many people as possible a garden plot, there will be a limit to one garden plot per person, at first. Each person that would like to reserve a bed will be able to do so (as beds are available) up until May 1. After May 1, if there are additional beds available those who would like an additional bed may purchase one at that time. All beds must be planted by June 1 and it is the responsibility of the person renting the bed space to maintain it. The intent of the project is for the production of annual vegetable crops and, as such, that is what is encouraged. While it is perfectly acceptable to plant perennial crops and flowers in the beds, it is discouraged because the beds are cleaned out at the end of each growing season.

There is a form that must be filled out and payment needs to be made at the time the reservation is made. Beds will be assigned on a first-come, first served basis and additional beds, if there are any available will be assigned in the same manner.

For more information and to reserve a garden plot, contact Tim Fine at the Richland County Extension Office at 433-1206 or send an email to


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