American Harvest Inc. Hemp and CBD Processing Plant Opens Near Sidney

American Harvest Inc. began processing hemp and CBD extraction in June 2019 at the former Chaznline location at the junction of Highways 201 and 16 northwest of Sidney. They hope to develop hemp & CBD production in the area as a new revenue stream and rotation crop for both irrigated and dry land producers in the area. The company has also purchased a 5 acre, 12,000 square foot facility near Glendive for future use.

The company gave an informative presentation to producers recently at the MonDak Ag Summit in Sidney. American Harvest stated that they are the leading vertically integrated, U.S. based, multi-state, hemp company. American Harvest treats industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity with a global supply chain. They have also developed an integrated system of farming, cultivation and proprietary harvesting along with proprietary manufacturing to produce CBD/Hemp extracts and industrial hemp products.

American Harvest hopes to become a global leader in phytocannabinoids (non-psychoactive cannabinoids) and industrial hemp products. Examples of these products include industrial products using hemp fibers and hemp-converted products; foods including hemp oils, proteins, seeds and terpenes; and health & wellness products for both humans and animals. The company's zero waste technology allows them to cultivate the entire plant into hemp and cannabinoid based products. Their track and trace technology allows customers full transparency from seed to sale.

This year the company harvested over 5000 acres and began partnering with producers to create an alternative crop that is poised for significant growth. American Harvest has also developed technology throughout the supply chain to offer diversified options to market each part of the hemp plant.

Even though American Harvest is off to a great start they do admit there are industry challenges moving forward. Hemp and CBD production is a brand new, yet promising industry. Currently there is limited hemp processing and manufacturing infrastructure. Finally, sales markets are still developing and regulations are still being established.


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