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Badlands Gymnastics NoDak Northern Lights


March 18, 2020

Level 4 D4 gymnasts: 1st place is Amelia Wisness, 3rd place is Sasha Stieg, 7th place is Lyrik Olson; all from Badlands Gymnastics (photo submitted).

On March 7 and 8, 2020, one team from South Dakota, five teams from Montana, and twelve North Dakota teams for a total of eighteen, showed up at the Rough Rider Center for the second annual NoDak Northern Lights Invite hosted by Badlands Gymnastics of Watford City. 250 athletes came in 2019, another 165 more for a total of 415 came for the 2020 version as the word gets out that Badlands puts on the best competition for miles and miles around.

The NoDak was designed as a "tune up" competition for the State Meet that was to be held by American Gold Gymnastics in Fargo on March 20-22; but it turned out to be the final competition of the year for North Dakota since USA Gymnastics closed off all competitions due to the Covid-19 the week following the NoDak.

Badlands Gymnastics Club Results:

Xcel Bronze Team: In its first (and now final) real test of the season, the Badlands Bronze Team came out at the top of the pack of competing teams. 1st Badlands 110.050; 2nd Northern Hills (Sturgis, SD) 109.200; 3rd Red River Valley 108.925; 4th American Gold 106.200; Dickinson 70.875

Xcel Bronze Top 3 Individual Results:

Bronze A: Aubree Roerick 1st Bars 9.450; 3rd All Around 35.950; Madison Kelly 3rd Bars 8.225

Bronze B: Emma Job 1st Vault 9.650; 3rd Bars 9.225; 3rd Beam 8.400; 1st Floor 9.125; 1st AA 36.400 Brooklynn Spotted Bear 1st Bars 9.400; 1st Beam 8.825; 2nd Floor 9.100; 3rd AA 34.650 Valentina Gularte; 3rd Vault 9.125; 3rd Floor 8.900

Bronze C: Clara Wisness 2nd Vault 9.500; 3rd Bars 8.900; 3rd Beam 8.450; 1st Floor 9.050; 1st AA 35.900 Brooke Roscoe 1st Vault 9.525; 2nd Bars 9.200; 2nd Floor 9.025; 2nd AA 35.775 Makayla Klamm 3rd Vault 9.175 Eden Ybarra 2nd Balance Beam 8.500; 3rd Floor 8.925 Lillian Holt 4th Floor 8.900 Trinity Hernandez 6th Vault 8.875

Bronze D: Sierra Griffin 1st Vault 9.650; 2nd Bars 9.000; 2nd All Around 36.175 Ayla Norton 3rd Bars 8.950 Karinna Del Torro 2nd Vault 9.500 Bryndal Geiger 4th Vault 8.900

Xcel Silver Top 3 Individual Results

Silver D: Morgan Webster 2nd Beam 8.925; 3rd Floor 9.100; 3rd All Around 35/275

Level 3 Team Results: 1st American Gold 111.025; 2nd Gymagic 109.975; 3rd Red River Valley 109.625; 4th Bismarck 109.450; 5th Northern Hills 108.425; 6th Dakota Star 106.775; 7th Dickinson 106.425; 8th Devil Dog 105.225; 9th Badlands 105.225; 10th Western Stars 103.750; 11th Jamestown 101.550; 12th Acro Stars 101.425; 13th Sidney 96.800

Level 3 Top 3 Individual Results:

L3A: Oaklie Waters 4th Balance Beam 8.300 L3E: Lenora Arnold 1st Floor 9.225 L3 B3: Aurora Holt 3rd Vault 9.075; 1st Bars 9.075; 1st Beam 9.150; 3rd Floor 9.000; 1st AA 36.375

Level 4 Team: Badlands did an outstanding job in the team competition, coming in third against some fierce competition. 1st TNT 109.735; 2nd American Gold 109.400; 3rd Badlands 108.550; 4th Billings 106.900; 5th Bismarck 106.750; 6th Red River Valley 104.200; 7th Northern Pacific 103.400; 8th Jamestown 103.550; 9th Western Stars 100.825; 10th Dakota Star 100.750; 11th Dickinson 99.550; 12th Devil Dog 99.400; 13th Gymagic 65.150; 14th Sidney 32.100; 15th Acro Stars 31.725

Level 4 Top 3 Individual Results: Badlands did an outstanding job, taking home many, many event firsts in the various age groups, and Sky Cutshall had the highest All Around of the entire 90+ gymnast Level 4 field.

L4 B: Emree Wold 3rd Vault 8.250; 3rd Bars 9.200; 3rd Floor 9.000 L4 D: Skye Cutshall 1st Vault 9.125; 2nd Bars 9.250; 1st Balance Beam 9.450; 1st Floor 9.450; 1st AA 37.325

L4 D4: Amelia Wisness 1st Bars 9.375; 1st Beam 9.275; 1st All Around 35.350; Sasha Stieg 1st Vault 8.700; 1st Floor 9.075; 3rd All Around 34.825 Lyrik Olson 3rd Bars 8.950; 3rd Floor 8.850

Level 5 Top Three Individual Results

L5 D: Annabelle Coughlin: 2nd Bars 8.850; 1st Beam 8.950; 1st Floor 8.850; 1st All Around 35.250

Level 6 Team Results: 1st Valley Twisters 107.275; 2nd Billings 106.450; 3rd Dickinson 103.225; 4th Red River Valley 102.600; 5th Badlands 100.925; 6th Jamestown 100.850; 7th Gymagic 72.500

Level 6 Top Three Individual Results

L6 B: Eastyn Wold: 2nd Vault 8.600; 3rd Floor 9.150; 3rd All Around 34.200 L6 C: Emma Coughlin 3rd Vault 8.475; 2nd Floor 9.200; Caroline Dreffs 5th Bars 8.750


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