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Sidney Mayor Urges Community Unity


Downtown Sidney showing its emptiness on Saturday morning, day one of the Montana COVID-19 stay-at-home order. (Photo by Paul Tedrow.)

Aside from everyone practicing social distancing as much as possible, Sidney Mayor Rick Norby, speaks about the importance of uniting, and going out of one's way to prop up our local businesses and check on neighbors during these trying times.

"I understand people would rather stay home, but to order in from these restaurants that are currently shut down, to pickup takeout curbside service, I can't echo the importance of that enough. Right now, to me, shopping locally is the biggest part. Once this is behind us, we gotta build everything back up again, and hopefully we don't lose anyone in the process."

"You look back over the last few years, I've lived here all my life, all 57 years, Sidney and Richland County as a whole have always pulled together, thick or thin. We always pull together. You go back just a year or so ago, with the intake diversion dam, everybody made the trek all the way to Great Falls to testify. This is something we'll get through; we just all gotta work together and not split apart. We're here for each other. Help your neighbor. Check on your neighbor. We'll get through this and we'll be stronger than we ever have been," says Norby.


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