Con's Weed Control Provides Quality Services In Area

It's that time of year when area residents should make a call to Con's Weed Control Service, Sidney, in order to guarantee having a top-notch lawn.

Con Donvan, owner, has run the business since 1990. He said his crews cover about a 70-mile radius including all of Richland County, some of McKenzie County and the eastern side of Roosevelt County.

It's a family business with Con's wife, Lynn, and their grown children Michael, Matthew and Kerri all playing roles in the company's success. Valuable employees include John Reynolds, Kylee Lambert, Jerry Wznick, Bill Nankivel and Ben Wenzel.

"We need two or three more seasonal helpers," Con said.

The company's lawn service includes fertilization and weed control with each spray application. Timely applications are available to keep your lawn thick, green and healthy.

The business is licensed in ornamental and turf, special utility, right of way, school integrated pest management and structural pest control.

Donvan noted that core aeration has many benefits including reducing soil compaction, improving fertilizer and water uptake, enhancing seeding results, reducing water runoff and standing water, improving air exchange between soil and atmosphere and encouraging stronger turf grass root development.

He said that germination blankets for new lawns are the less expensive alternative to sod. The blankets increase seed germination, increase rate of growth by keeping seedlings moist, reduce run off and work great on hilly terrain.

Tree care provided by Con's includes tree and shrub sprayings, disease control, tree and shrub fertilization, tree consultation and deep root treatment.

To arrange an appointment or for more information, call 406-488-7422.


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