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Fairview Elects New Mayor


November 15, 2017 | View PDF

New Fairview Mayor, Brian Bieber, with Angela Bieber.

Brian Bieber has replaced longtime Fairview mayor, Bryan Cummins. Winning with 143 votes against his opponent – who had only 60 votes - Bieber will be the first new mayor in Fairview in 32 years. Bieber is a born-and-raised resident of Fairview, a 1983 graduate of Fairview High School, and owner of BB Electric since 2005.

"I was born and raised here," Bieber told the Roundup, "and I've seen Fairview remain the same and I think it's time to move forward. We've missed out on lots of big opportunities. I've got some good ideas and support from a lot of people in Fairview. I look forward to putting them in place."

When asked why he won the race with such an overwhelming margin, Bieber said, "It seems to a lot of people that change is good. A lot of things haven't changed that maybe should have. I think people were just ready for a fresh face."

Remembering East Fairview is important to Bieber, who explained that although the residents of East Fairview don't have a vote in Fairview elections and although the bulk of their services have to be provided by McKenzie County and Yellowstone Township, they are still important to the community, which doesn't necessarily stop at an imaginary line. Bieber said, "I have the support of people in East Fairview as well, and I don't want to leave them out. They are our friends and neighbors."

"One of the main concerns is funding for some of our infrastructure," Bieber continued, "and we've got failing water lines and failing streets that need repaired. Our water-lagoon situation is holding its own, but if there's any growth in Fairview that's going to be a problem. We have major infrastructure issues."

When asked how necessary infrastructure repairs would be economically feasible, Bieber responded, "We're going to have to get aggressive and get some funding. I'm currently on the city counsel. We're working on a special improvement district to make funding available. I don't know what's available as far as grants are concerned, but I intend to find out."

Bieber expressed fidelity and friendship with the nearby neighboring mayor of Sidney, saying, "I have the support of Rick Norby, and I think if we both team up, we can make sure the rest of Montana knows that the state doesn't stop at Billings." He also mentioned hopeful partnership with other elected officials, saying, "I think we need to be more in touch with the commissioners and also with McKenzie County. There is help available for us. We just need to aggressively go after it. "

The new mayor wants the city of Fairview to know they can approach him to discuss anything related to city government. Bieber said, "I think I'm very approachable. I run a small electrical shop in Fairview and I am approached by people all the time. I'll take people's concerns and complaints and hear them out when it comes to concerns regarding the city."

Bieber has a son in Fairview, a daughter in Sidney and a grand-daughter on the way.


Reader Comments

MrsMayor writes:

There needs to be a correction to your news article about the new and old Fairview Mayor. My husband Bryan Cummins has given over half of his life to serve the town of Fairview! He has been the mayor 32 years and also served on the council for 2 years prior to becoming mayor. Evidently enough voters thought he was doing a great job or they wouldn’t have elected him! Please get your facts correct before printing! Good Luck Brian! We know you will do a great job!


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